Workshop Descriptions

Session A

1. Many Hearts to Care For

Betty Charnholm
How the library can nourish other church ministries.

2. Heart Surgery

Dawn Cronk and Judy Kelley
Hands on book repair without breaking the budget.

3. Relevant Hearts

Shauna Moon
Leading your library into the 21st century, including keeping your library relevant with technologies such as Kindle, Amazon, etc.

Session B

4. Capture the Heart

Marie Peters
Making posters in Microsoft Word to promote the library.

5. Heart of the Bible

Priscilla Fischbacher and Grace West
The history of Bible literacy.

6. Stories from the Heart

Jan Barton
Developing a Children’s Library and selecting children’s books within and beyond the “Christian” label.

Session C

7. Change of Heart

Ann Pool and Ann Johnson
Dewey vs. Subjects – an interactive discussion on the different ways to organize and classify a library.

8. Broken Hearts

Mary Steinbrenner
Libraries under siege – how to survive the library threatened by budgets, small spaces, downsizing and worst of all – liquidating a church library.

9. Heartbeat

Jackie Huffman
Preparing materials for circulation – from purchase to shelving.

Heart to Heart: Open Round Table Discussions

  • Weeding/Inventory
  • Library Policies
  • Library Finances
  • Library Volunteers
  • Homeschool and Your Library
  • Biographies in the Library
  • ResourceMate