2020 PNACL Summer Conference Postponed

Well, actually, it is cancelled for this year, but we didn’t really want to use those words. We – the Seattle Chapter – all feel great sadness that we had to make this decision. And it was not an easy one, but this is the right decision. It’s important that we all stay home (with our big piles of unread books) and to stay safe and healthy.

This is disappointing since so many individuals in the Seattle Chapter have been working hard to bring an awesome variety of authors, topics, workshops, giveaways, and more for all of us. But there’s some good news here, too. The PNACL board has given the Seattle Chapter approval to host the 2022 conference. We’re already hearing from many of our authors and workshop leaders that they’ll be willing to come then.

In the meantime, make sure you have June 25-26, 2021 on your calendar. The Metro-Portland Chapter has started working on the 2021 summer conference and it will be great!

Are you on Facebook? Join us in the PNACL Facebook group and tell us…what are you reading? What are you learning? Found any new authors? And let’s stay in touch. We will miss seeing you in Bellevue in June, but we’ll all get together next year!


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